frenchmans track

Frenchmans Track is one of Cape Yorks most famous tracks but is often overlooked by travellers on their way to the iconic Old Telegraph Track.

Located approximately 45km South of Moreton Telegraph station along Telegraph Road and oriented west to east, Frenchmans Track connects Telegraph Road and Portland Road via 50km of rough 4wd only track and traverses both the Pascoe and Wenlock Rivers.

While requiring a high clearance 4WD to complete, the Frenchmans track poses only a few challenges during Cape Yorks dry season (may to October).

The western entry into the Wenlock quickly turns to powdery dust during the dry season and can require winching to get up. The Wenlock River is shallow during the dry season and has a firm bottom.

Between the Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers there is a small water hole that changes year to year and can be a problem depending on how much rain the area get the previous wet season 

 soThe entry into the Pascoe River on the western bank is steep and rocky and becomes slippery when wet.
The Pascoe River flows quickly and has a very rocky bottom that is easy to get hung up on if you take the wrong line.
The Eastern exit is not as rocky but equally as steep

The track is often traveled in either directions with the only real difference being the difficult rocky climb out of the Pascoe when traveling east to west, which can become wet and slippery for the last car if traveling in a convoy.

Frenchmans can be completed in one day when traveling from Moreton Telegraph Station to Archer River Road House (179km) or Bramwell Station to Archer River (221km)

Watch our full Frenchman’s Track video below!




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